You got 99 problems and healthy eating will probably solve at least 20 of them.

I don’t know about you, but…

I’ve got 99 problems, and healthy eating will probably solve at least 20 of them.

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I focus so much on big weight loss numbers, but 20 lbs looks extremely impressive and manageable!


Current progress pic! I have lost 20 pounds, and 3 pant sizes. I am so fucking proud of myself.

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ohh god

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Dr. Mike Hart's Blog: Is your sunscreen causing cancer? ›



The majority of sunscreens on the market today are more harmful than beneficial. Sunscreens are designed to decrease your risk of skin cancer and allow you to enjoy the sun without worry. Unfortunately, most modern day sunscreens may increase your risk of cancer and disrupt the…

Long story short, use non-spray micronized powdered zinc oxide.

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Salad and sunshine is all I need on a long weekend

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Every day for the month of June I am going to screen shot promo a different fitblr!

How will I choose?

  • Reblog as many times as you like, likes will not count
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What do you get?

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This me….I’m just 73lb lighter and much happier!!

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60 Pounds!

That’s right folks. I’ve lost 60 pounds. What that means:

-I’ve lost 10 pounds 6 times.
-I’ve lost 15 pounds 4 times.
-I’ve lost 20 pounds 3 times.
-I’ve lost 30 pounds 2 times.
-I weigh the least I have ever weighed in my adult life. This is how much I weighed around 7th grade.

These last 10 pounds have been such a struggle. I gained and lost and gained and lost for the past two months. Finally, hitting the 60 pound mark. I only want to lose about 20 more pounds. I’m just going to focus on each pound one at a time. The road is long, but so so so so so worth it!

(Pleas excuse the lack of makeup in the second picture. I was just about to go for a run when I had my boyfriend snap it.)

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